What happens when you see a dietitian privately?

I spend quite a bit of my day letting people know what to expect from the service offered at Stanner Nutrition, so I thought I'd do a blog about it!
The first thing I ask all clients to do is keep a food diary. No matter what the reason for the client's visit is, there will be a need to assess what is currently being eaten- whether this is to check for potential causes of symptoms, assess calorie intake or look for certain vitamins or minerals. I email out a food diary template and ask that the client fills it in for 7 days and emails it back. I can then have it all assessed prior to their consultation. Having checked the food diary saves time trying to take a 'diet history' during the consultation and helps familiarise me with the clients food likes and dislikes.

During the consultation I check a full medical history, this is to ensure that I don't give any advice which may negatively impact a condition I am not aware of. I also take a detailed history of the reason for the visit and discuss the dietary factors that contribute to the problem.

I then work with the client to discuss possible treatment options for their issue. There are often several different options for treatment, some will be more suitable than others depending on lifestyle and food preferences. I try to find solutions that will be easy to incorporate into everyday life and still result in an enjoyable diet! If we can take the hard work out of dietary changes they are likely to be more sustainable in the long term!

Once we have decided on a treatment plan clients are given written information to support them whilst making changes- these may be in the form of pre- printed dietary resources or personalised reports or meal plans as each client prefers.

Email support is always available after, or in between appointments- just in case any points need clarification or the client has forgotten to ask something that they really wanted to know.

I also write to the GP following the appointment, so they are aware of the advice that has been given during the consultation.

If you would like any further information about the service offered at Stanner Nutrition clinic, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here.

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