Tips for a FODMAP FREE Christmas!

Following a low FODMAP eating plan is tricky at any time of the year, but none more so than at Christmas. Many of the foods appearing at this time of year aren’t seen at any other time and they can be tempting- especially if you have no alternatives to rely on, and the consequences can be brutal!

As with any other time of the year, planning is key and can prevent circumstances where you might end up in a pickle- here are some tips to get you comfortably through the festive season!
  • Stock up on safe low FODMAP foods and treats- having a good supply of meals, snacks and treats you can turn to will help to prevent you turning to high FODMAP foods.
  • Take snacks with you- whether you’re hitting the Christmas markets or attending an office party having some low FODMAP snacks can stop you from having no alternative other than high FODMAP.
  • Buffet at a friends house- eating at a friends is often the source of much stress for my clients as they don’t want to make a fuss, take a low FODMAP dish along with you to help out- you don’t have to advertise it as low FODMAP and everyone can enjoy it with you!
  • Christmas day- whether you are eating at home or with a family member you can make things easier by making a low FODMAP stuffing or gravy ahead of time and freezing to be cooked with the rest of the food on the day. You can probably get away with a couple of sprouts, but make sure that you have other vegetable alternatives like carrot and green beans. Avoid honey roast vegetables in favour of boiled or steamed versions.
  • Eating out- as always eating out can be a minefield, especially if menus are set or limited at this time of year. If there is no way you can avoid FODMAPS just try to keep the rest of the day as low FODMAP as possible to minimise the risk of symptoms.
  • Watch your alcohol and caffeine intake- while it is the season to indulge more than usual in a tipple or two, don’t forget that both alcohol and caffeine aggravate your IBS and make symptoms more likely.
  • Finally, don’t forget that consuming FODMAPs whilst resulting in some very uncomfortable effects, doesn’t damage your body. So you can take the decision to have a FODMAP containing meal and just deal with the consequences.

If you need support with the symptoms of IBS or advice on the low FODMAP diet, don’t hesitate to call registered Dietitian Mairi Wilcock of Stanner Nutrition Clinic for expert advice and support.

Wishing all a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year from all at Stanner Nutrition Clinic!

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