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We offer online consultations and ongoing support for those who are unable to travel and prefer to be in the comfort of their own homes. You can access this service from anywhere in the UK or worldwide. Many people are using this platform to access dietary and nutritional treatment due to the current situation with Covid- 19.

The 60 - 90 minute consultation can take place via video call on your computer or by telephone.

Just like a face to face consultation, a detailed dietary assessment and medical history are taken. The dietitian will then discuss potential treatment options with you before working with you to produce an individually tailored plan to address your symptoms or concerns.

You will receive supporting information and a written consultation summary if needed after the session. These will be sent electronically or by post.

For a video consultation, there is no need to download software or create an account. You will need a computer or device with a camera and microphone. The dietitian will send you a link to access the video call. The call is GDPR compliant; it is private and none of your information is stored.

Email Consultations-

Email consultations are a convenient way to access personalised dietary advice or treatment. Just like any other consultation, the dietitian will take information regarding your medical history, any symptoms and goals of treatment. You will also be asked to fill in a 7-day food diary. You will then be emailed written advice and a plan to help you to achieve your goals.

You can choose to have ongoing support so you can ask questions or get additional advice to help you while you get started with your plan.

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