Dietary advice often works best when given alongside a consultation, however some clients feel that they would just like a meal plan which they can use to take the hard work out of making dietary change. By having a meal plan written for you by a dietitian, you can be sure that your diet will be healthy and balanced whilst helping you to achieve your goal.

The meal plan service will provide you with a 7- day menu which is personalised to your specific needs to help you get where you want to be. The meal plan will give you several options to select at each mealtime, so you have a varied, healthy and enjoyable diet.

You can purchase a meal plan by clicking the link below, after you have purchased your plan you will receive a confirmation email with a questionnaire to fill in which will analyse your goals and current health status (please allow 24 hours for this to arrive). Following completion of the online questionnaire you will then receive your meal plan by email within 7 days.

You can choose to have online access to track your progress on your meal plan, you will get a weekly progress report and advice from the dietitian (smart phone required for this option)

Meal plans are suitable if you wish to lose weight, eat more healthily, focus on vitamins or mineral intake or vegetarian or vegan diets. Please contact us if you have other healthcare concerns that you would like a meal plan for and we can advise.

Meal Plan Options

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