The Low FODMAP diet, tips for symptom relief success!

The low FODMAP diet is increasing in popularity as a successful treatment for IBS, with studies quoting 76% success rates, and many people finding that it changes their lives for the better! However many people struggle to make it through the diet successfully, as it can be complex, here are some tips for success when embarking on the low FODMAP diet.

Make sure that you have seen our GP to rule out other possible causes of your symptoms- see my blog ‘Getting a diagnosis of IBS’ for further information
Do not attempt the diet without the support of a FODMAP trained dietitian, many of the client’s I see in clinic have already embarked upon the diet by researching from the internet. Unfortunately the diet is more complex than can be explained by lists of foods to avoid and those to include. A FODMAP trained dietitian will not only explain the diet in detail but will personalise it to your own food preferences and eating habits, which will make the diet much easier to follow.
Find a FODMAP trained dietitian that provides support throughout the entire process- often, questions or concerns occur between dietitian appointments so this accessibility is imperative.

Try to avoid attempting the diet during times of stress or upheaval in your life i.e. moving home or changing job. Anxiety and stress will make it harder for you to focus the energy required to work through the diet, additionally anxiety and stress will exacerbate the symptoms of IBS.
Don’t skip the reintroduction! Perhaps the most important part of the low FODMAP diet process is the reintroduction. This stage will show you exactly which FODMAPs you are sensitive to and in what quantities, which is vital for giving you the control you need over your symptoms and your diet.

FODMAP trained dietitian Mairi Wilcock can provide the necessary information and support to guide you smoothly through the low FODMAP diet. If you would like more information on the low FODMAP diet service at Stanner Nutrition Clinic, please feel free to contact the clinic for further information without obligation.

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