There are a large variety of digestive disorders which can all have very similar symptoms, but be caused by very different underlying causes which often require very different treatments. The one thing that they do all have in common is the discomfort, social isolation and anxiety that they inevitably cause. The good news is that many of the conditions that cause digestive symptoms can be effectively managed and controlled.

Dietary intervention can be an essential and effective treatment for many digestive problems, often reducing the need for reliance on medication to ease the discomfort that digestive issues can bring. However, it can be difficult to know what dietary factors need to be addressed. This can vary greatly from person to person, depending on diagnosis, causative dietary factors and individual food tolerances. For this reason it is really important to avoid attempting any treatment without having a thorough investigation or diagnosis. The first step with any digestive issue is to ensure that the appropriate diagnostic tests are undertaken in order to effectively identify the cause of your symptoms.

At Stanner Nutrition Clinic, we are registered dietitians who work closely with your GP to ensure that appropriate tests have been completed prior to advising on dietary treatments. This means that you get detailed, individualised advice based on your diagnosis and symptoms.

Once the underlying cause for your symptoms has been identified, a registered dietitian will have the necessary training and experience to help you identify beneficial dietary changes to improve your symptoms while ensuring that your diet remains nutritionally adequate and tailored to your personal likes and dislikes. At Stanner Nutrition Clinic, this is done via accurate dietary and symptom analysis which will form the basis of your consultation with the dietitian. During the consultation the dietitian will work with you to suggest changes that can be made to ensure that your symptoms improve whilst keeping your diet enjoyable and nutritionally adequate.

At Stanner Nutrition Clinic, there is no rushed appointments or standardised treatment. Each client is given time to discuss their needs and detailed explanations of how diet may be affecting their symptoms. This results in clients having the ability to control their symptoms by simply choosing to eat different foods.

Ongoing support is available while you make changes to your diet, to give moral support, advice and to steer you in the right direction with your dietary changes.

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