How to prepare for my appointment with the Dietitian

If you’ve booked an appointment to come and see a dietitian at Stanner Nutrition Clinic, you will have been asked to keep a food diary or a food and symptom diary.
The dietitian will most likely have explained that the purpose of this food diary is to get as accurate a picture of your current diet as possible, this will be used to assess your nutritional intake, your symptoms and it will also form the basis for the treatment you receive. So, it is worth taking a little time over. Here are some tips to help you with filling in your food diary.

  • Try to be as specific as possible when filling in your diary, if you can, use brand names of food and discuss how much you would eat. Saying 2 slices of warburton’s toastie, rather than ‘bread’.
  • Try to be as honest as possible- this will be easier if you fill in the diary as you go along, don’t worry that you will be judged by the dietitian- her job is to help you, if you report a perfect diet that will be much more difficult (besides which don’t for a minute imagine her diet is perfect)
  • Similarly don’t change your diet because you are keeping a food diary. The food diary will form the basis for your treatment, so it’s important that it reflects the current situation- otherwise your treatment may be less effective.
  • Don’t worry about discussing any symptoms you are having with the dietitian. This is something that dietitians are very used to and interested in hearing as it helps enormously to diagnose any food related links with these symptoms.
  • Take along a list of medications that you are currently taking, including herbal or vitamin preparations, sometimes these can affect symptoms enormously.
  • Discuss your goal with the dietitian, this is your appointment- the more specific you can be about what you’d like to achieve, the more the dietitian will be able to help you.

The dietitian is there to guide you towards achieving your goals, but you must implement any treatment or strategy that is agreed during your appointment. Don’t agree to anything that you think you can’t work with- there are always lots of alternatives and various strategies to try. If you help the dietitian to find one that suits you, you will be much happier with the outcome!

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